Mergers & Acquisitions

We have built Amber Partners on the belief that Mergers & Acquisition advice is not just about financial acumen and strategic understanding, but first and foremost about getting the right people involved and being sensitive to all stakeholders.

Buy Mandates

Are you or your company considering an acquisition to support your growth strategy? In your own market or to enter new markets in Europe or Africa?

You are in good hands.

Don’t be surprised if we start by looking more closely at your approach to external growth: we want to make sure it is the best strategic move for you, and we are also aware of the challenges you will face post-transaction.

Our independent and professional M&A expertise, based on numerous acquisitions over the last 10 years, guarantees you a sound financial approach, but more importantly a solid understanding of people and negotiations.

We also believe that a successful transaction puts the forthcoming integration at the heart of the negotiations from day one.

We ensure a structured and efficient M&A process – strategic approach, long list, criteria definition and shortlisting, valuation, initial meetings, LOI negotiations, due diligence facilitation, SPA completion – we support you throughout the process.

Whether you are planning your first acquisition or are an experienced M&A player, we tailor our approach to your needs.

Process overview Buy Mandate

Building the storyline
Identification of potential targets
Prioritisation in line with your criteria,
Organisation of first meetings with shortlisted targets
Management of the Due Diligence with you and your advisors (financial, commercial, legal, tax)
Active support of the negotiations as well as the signing and closing

Amber Partners - Mergers & Acquisitions

Sell Mandates

Selling your business is a big step for management and founders. There are many reasons for this step: because you want to retire, a family succession is not an option, you want to benefit from a strong consolidation trend in your market or you feel that you do not want to invest the energy needed to grow for the next 7-10 years. It could also be a carve-out / spin-off of a business unit as part of a strategic move by your group.

Understanding the story behind it is key. The operational and management background of our founders Guillaume and Alain facilitates the discussions with you – they have run companies, they listen, they define with you a clear perspective, your priorities, the values you want to share with the future buyer, and we agree together on the storytelling and the target company criteria.

We ensure that the process is structured, human and time efficient. We deal efficiently with all stakeholders.

Respect, efficiency, and structure drive our approach.

Amber Partners - Mergers & Acquisitions

Process overview SELL Mandate

Understanding the rationale –  Storytelling
Evaluate the impact on all stakeholders
Coordination with financial and legal counsels
• Financial planning and valuation / if requested Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)
Preparation of the relevant documentation incl. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Process Letter, Teaser, Info Memorandum (IM) and Virtual Data Room
Identification of potential buyers or investors
Prioritisation in line with your criteria
Organisation of first meetings with shortlisted targets
Management of the Due Diligence (financial, commercial, legal, tax) with you and your advisors
Active support of the negotiations as well as the signing and closing

Our approach & values

Adaptability and flexibility are key to our approach, although some points remain constant because they are at the heart of our value proposition:

  • Our senior partners, with 20+ years of operational experience and an in-depth understanding of CEO agendas, personally conduct all meetings with you and potential targets. They assess hurdles, cultural fit, and always remind you of the negotiation steps ahead.
  • Our experience and personalities, together with a clear understanding of your expectations, make the difference between success and failure.
  • We are a boutique: we take on a limited number of projects each year and you can rely on our loyalty and commitment to your objectives.